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Head of Department

 Prof. Dr. Ceyhun Köse

Definition of Mechanical Engineering

Mechanical engineering department is an engineering discipline that is capable of  offering analytical solutions to problems modelling physical events and situations mathematically and performs design,analysis,manufacturing, maintenance of mechanical systems using fundamental physics principles and material Technologies.

Mechanical Engineering Bachelor Program

Bachelor program of mechanical engineering is a 4 year-program with 8 semesters each including 30 ECTS and totally 240 ECTS. Lectures of this program include basic science lectures, general culture lectures, fundamental mechanical engineering lectures and also speciality lectures. Our students have the chance for taking foreign language preparation education during 1 year if they wish. Mechanical Engineering bachelor program include 2 different training applications each 20 work days to give the possibility students to adjust work environment and improve their knowledges and abilities. In addition, our students can benefit from student exchange programs in different universities such as Socrates-Erasmus and Mevlana programs for abroad and Farabi program for TURKEY.

Mechanical Engineering Department

Mechanical engineering department goes on education and research applications with 1 associate professor, 3 assistant professors and 2 research assistants. Disciplines of mechanical engineering department with general perspective include;

  • Energy
  • Construction&Manufacturing
  • Machinery Theory and Dynamics
  • Mechanics
  • Thermodynamics
  • Automotive

Job Opportunities of Mechanical Engineering

  • R&D engineer in biotechnology area
  • Design, planning, manufacturing and quality control engineer in manufacturing industry
  • Design engineer in building sector
  • R&D, design and maintenance engineer in chemistry, food and medicine sectors
  • R&D, design, operation, planning, maintenance and logistic engineer in energy sector
  • Design, planning and maintenance engineer in textile sector
  • Sales engineer
  • Service engineer
  • Design engineer in engineering offices



Mission of Mechanical Engineering

Mission of mechanical engineering department is to educate engineers that are going  to use their bachelor and graduate school education and knowledges for the needs of human beings, contribute economical development and increasing of life standards of society, help improvement of today’s and tomorrow’s technologies, make researches and projects in government institutions and private companies, work in different areas, have teamwork and communications skills, make joint projects with government institutions or private companies and steer these foundations to make advanced technology studies, improve technologies for  the needs of society, be aware of effects of studies performed for society from social and ethical perspective, believe in continuous progress.

The Vision of Mechanical Engineering

The vision of mechanical engineering is to implement people centered education with science, to carry out research which will produce knowledge and technology and to educate engineers who will increase competitiveness and raise the life quality of our country.

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