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Prof. Dr.Ersoy Arslan

Head of the Geomatics Engineering Department 

About the department:


Geomatics Engineering is a rapidly developing engineering programme that focuses on every subject related to spatial information. In other words, it is a field of activity that combines the acquisition, processing, analysis and management of spatial information. Spatial information is the main factor used to integrate different data groups from each other for spatial analysis and visualization. Geomatics Engineers apply and evaluate basic engineering principles, spatial information and measurement sciences. Also, local, national and global spatial data infrastructures are managed by Geomatics Engineers. Therefore, many aspects of spatial data management are investigated in this profession. In this context, in parallel with the development of technology, electronic distance measurement (total station), Global Navigation Satellite System equipment, Geographic Information System tools and digital images (aerial photographs and satellite imageries) are used. These enable the gathering, processing, analyzing and managing the spatial information to solve a wide range of technical and social problems. Thus, a large number of fields of working area are available for a person who has successfully completed undergraduate education in Geomatics Engineering. Almost all government establishment as well as the private sector have opportunities to work for varied purposes.