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Computer Hardware is a sub-discipline of computer engineering that deals with the physical structure, electronic components and design of computer systems. Studies in this field include the design, fabrication and optimization of processors, memory units, input/output devices, storage systems and other hardware components found in computers.

Computer Hardware programs provide students with an understanding of the hardware aspects of computer systems by combining the principles of electrical engineering, electronic engineering and computer engineering. Students learn topics such as microprocessor design, digital systems, computer architecture, integrated circuits, FPGA (Field-Programmable Gate Array) programming.

Professionals working in this field can conduct research and development in areas such as computer hardware development, performance enhancement, energy efficiency and security. They can also work in industrial applications for the design and production of next generation computer systems.

Students in the Computer Hardware major gain skills in understanding and developing the hardware of computer systems by combining both theoretical knowledge and practical experience. After graduation, individuals working in this field often pursue careers as microchip designers, hardware engineers, system architects, etc.