Message from the Dean

Dear STUDENTS of our Faculty of Engineering and Architecture,

I greet you all with love and respect. I see you as future academics, pioneers and innovation leaders in the fields of engineering, and I am very happy to appreciate your engineering identities that you will acquire with your potential and dedication.

It is a well-known fact that engineering plays a major role in the emergence of both beneficial and "unfortunately" harmful innovations that have an impact on the lives of human beings. You will receive education in such a meaningful field, develop your knowledge and skills, and become individuals who shape the future.  While some of you will become mayors and change the face of cities, others of you will develop new applications related to your fields, facilitate the work of your interlocutors and receive their prayers.  While carrying your engineering identities with you at all times, you will enlighten your interlocutors with your technical knowledge and be exemplary individuals with your appropriate lifestyles within the framework of rights and law.      

Student life, especially in the field of engineering, requires hard work, patience and perseverance, including intensive calculations. The difficulties, exams and practices you will encounter on this path will often exhaust you and may even make you anxious about finishing this education.  However, it should be known that the key to success is to keep working, be patient and never give up on your goals. As individuals who are entitled to receive engineering education, I have no doubt that you will complete your education by overcoming these difficulties with your self-confidence and determination.

As our university and faculty, our main goal is to ensure that you receive the best education with the opportunities we will offer you.  Our academic staff and programs are designed to provide you with the best education, the best knowledge and practical experience.  In addition, we aim to improve your practical skills with our laboratories, workshops and other related facilities that we have created specifically for each engineering discipline.

Dear students, I encourage you not to be limited only to the information provided by your instructors, to be always curious to acquire new knowledge, to participate in events in the field of engineering, to take part in related projects, and to continuously expand and improve your professional network.  I encourage you to keep yourself in continuous development mode by joining the clubs established in your departments, getting involved in teams, and if there are no teams, forming new teams. Remember that social initiatives, interactions and practical experiences will take you one step ahead of your competitors in your post-graduation careers.

And again, remember that engineering is a way of life. Solving problems, facilitating challenges, thinking the unthinkable, being in a constant state of curiosity, not being afraid to experiment, and being determined to discover new things are the most common definitions of engineering.  As fellow engineers, I wish you success in both your engineering and personal life journeys.

With love and respect


   Prof. Dr. Tekin SUSAM

Dean of the Faculty of Engineering and Architecture